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Autonomy Vs Shame and Doubt: The Second Stage


In the early stages of childhood development, children experience critical milestones that shape their sense of self and perception of the world. Erik Erikson, a renowned developmental psychologist, proposed a psychosocial theory highlighting the conflict between autonomy and shame and doubt during the second stage of psychosocial development. This stage, known as “Autonomy vs Shame and Doubt,” occurs after the Trust Vs Mistrust stage.

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Inner Child Work: Reconciling with the Lost Part

You may feel disconnected at times and experience an abrupt surge of emotions. It is possible that your inner child is acting out and asking for your attention. Inner child work is essential for thriving in various aspects of life. Recent studies have revealed that reconnecting with the lost part of your childhood provides a greater ability to cope with trauma or disappointments in life. It will make you more resilient and capable of facing difficulties head-on without feeling overpowered by them.

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