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Infantile Amnesia: Gaps in Early Memory

Infantile amnesia is an intriguing phenomenon that researchers aim to explore further. It refers to the inability to recall our earliest years, raising profound questions about memory, development, and the intricate workings of our cognitive processes. In this blog post, we will explore this topic, its significance, and practical implications in life.

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What does Dissociation Feel like?

Dissociation is a psychological term that refers to disconnection or detachment from one’s thoughts, feelings, memories, or identity. It is often described as a defense mechanism that can occur in response to trauma, stress, or certain psychological disorders. Dissociation may feel like not being fully present in the body. It may also lead to amnesia or gaps in memory, as well as a feeling of unreality in one’s surroundings. These disruptions can significantly alter a person’s usual functioning in daily life in inexplicable ways.

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