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Projective Identification

Projective Identification is: “An interpersonal defense mechanism where the individuals project their own thoughts, emotions, desires or traits onto another person.” Contrary to popular belief, it is not only about negative assumptions and can include positive traits as well. The individual might project certain positive features on others even when they don’t exist in the first place. It is a form of cognitive bias.

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Projection in Relationships: Illusion or Deception?

Love and specifically romance are often described as an out-of-the-world experience where life suddenly becomes beautiful. You may feel ecstatic as if your problems have vanished, or you forget about them temporarily. Shakespeare described romance as “painted-blind,” which means that people in love have a tendency to live in a sweet illusion. When the novelty wears off, they have to come back to the real world and realize that there was a projection in their relationship. This realization may hit them hard, leading to a breakup. This blog post provides some insight into how projections affect relationships and how we can minimize them.

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